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Nickel Alloy Product Line Sheet

Nickel Alloy Bar Products

Centric Alloys Corporation is a distributor of high quality nickel and nickel bearing alloy round bars in various metallurgical and surface conditions. The bars are typically used in the production of machined or forged parts. Nickel and nickel bearing alloy bars are available in sizes ranging from 5/32” to 16”, depending on grade, metallurgical condition, and customer specification requirements.

Nickel Alloy Bar Grades
UNS K92650
AFK 502
UNS R30005
Dilver P
UNS N94610
UNS K93600/K93601/K93603
UNS N06003
N 42
UNS N94100
N 52
UNS N14052
Ni 200
UNS N02200
Ni 201
UNS N02201
UNS S20910
UNS S21800
NY 330
UNS N08330
NY 330Cb
NY 600
UNS N06600
NY 601
UNS N06601
NY 811
UNS N08811
PHY 16Mo
UNS N26059
PHY 55
UNS W82002
PHY 301
UNS N03301
PHY 400
UNS N04400
PHY 413
UNS C71581
PHY 418
UNS N04060
UNS N08020
UNS R30003
SY 22
UNS N06022
SY 35N
UNS R30035
SY 61
UNS N02061
SY 80A
UNS N07080
SY 82
UNS N06082
SY 90
UNS N07090
SY 276
UNS N10276
SY 286
UNS S66286
SY 617
UNS N06617
SY 625
UNS N06625
SY 685
UNS N07001
SY 706
UNS N09706
SY 718
UNS N07718
SY 750
UNS N07750
SY 825
UNS N08825
SY 926
UNS N08926
SY 928
UNS N08028
UNS N06002

Other Grades Available by Inquiry

Nickel and nickel bearing alloys comprise a large family of grades used in a diversity of demanding applications. These grades are specified when service conditions (combination of corrosive media, mechanical forces, and temperature) call for a superior level of corrosion resistance (i.e. pitting, crevice, stress corrosion, etc…), heat resistance, oxidation resistance, mechanical properties (strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, etc…), or some combination thereof. These grades are frequently used in petrochemical, aerospace, chemical processing, waste treatment, and nuclear applications. In spite of their higher cost relative to the stainless steels, service conditions often mandate the use of a nickel or nickel bearing alloy.

Nickel and nickel bearing alloys are classified in numerous ways. For example, they can be classified along compositional lines (i.e. Fe-Ni-Cr alloys, Ni-Cr alloys, Ni-Cu alloys, etc…) or service condition lines (i.e. “High Temperature alloys”, “Heat Resistant alloys”, “Corrosion Resistant alloys”, “Controlled Expansion alloys”, etc…). These alloys are sometimes referred to by terms such as “High Performance alloys” or “Superalloys”, among others. Regardless of the classification, Centric Alloys Corporation can provide you with the product needed for your demanding application.

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